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Solar panels.

​If we don’t work to treat our planet kindly, there may not be a planet for us to live in.

The environment is something we all have to share. Our mutual interest is in passing on a better world to the future generations. It is in every choice we make, in the products we buy or sell.

This is why Delta Garments Ltd. has taken steps towards building a better world. One of the steps we have taken is installing solar panels, to generate 25% of our electricity. Why does this matter, aside from the obvious reason that it is more friendly to the environment?

Not only is solar energy safer to work with than conventional electricity, they are also highly durable, as they provide their services for over thirty years. Unlike coal, oil and gas, it does not require excess transportation after installation. All of this has helped us decrease our overall carbon footprint by 35% in the last 1.5 years, and will continue to do so even more.

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