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Introducing our new design department

We have some exciting news that we’ve been looking forward to for ages: we have now launched our new design department at Delta Garments Ltd.

What does this mean for our customers? Simply, we are now offering all our customers complete in-house design support including:

  1. Design consultancy: top-level design consultants helping our clients select the best designs for their brand aesthetics.

  2. Mood-boards: aiding customers in inspiring and organizing their creative process.

  3. Latest wash techniques: new and reformed techniques of denim washes.

  4. Latest types of embellishments: an updated library of the various embellishments for your garments

  5. Complete sampling support: bringing your ideas to life within 7-14 working days

  6. Monthly presentations of latest designs: inspired by the latest trends

Try it out for your own brand! Drop us a message.

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