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Commitment to price, quality and shipment dates for almost 30 years.

Delta Garments Ltd. has been a proud supplier of high quality denim for almost three decades. Not only do we have top brands as customers from the UK, USA and the EU - we have also earned their loyalty because of the quality of our work and work ethic alike.

The team at Delta Garments Ltd. works hard to ensure top quality at an affordable price. From the product development team, to design consultants, and some of the best craftsmen in the city, we are extremely dedicated to maintaining a strong foundation based on quality.

We work very closely with our suppliers to tailor our products according to our customers' needs. Our quality process is highly robust, with dedicated quality checkers at each step of the process. Our standard is AQL 2.5, but we can go as far as AQL 1.0 for some of our most valued customers.

Last but not least, not only does the quality of our work make our customers happy but so does our work ethic, which the team at DGL believes is just as important as the product. This is reflected in our focus and commitment to shipment dates, which is one of our main strengths.

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